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Beauty for Inner calm and outer glow.

Zen your beauty routine. Immerse yourself in mindful, eco-luxe beauty that cultivates inner peace while bringing out your most radiant skin ever. 

The Beauty Ritual of Cleansing-Side profile of woman with eyes closed against monstera plant.

the ritual of cleansing

Remove impurities for fresh, new beginnings.
The Beauty Ritual of Deep Purification-Side profile of smiling woman gazing up

the ritual of deep purification.

Go deeper within to reveal your inner glow.
The Beauty Ritual of Hydration. Side profile of African-American woman smiling and touching skin.

The Ritual of Hydration.

Replace what is lost for balance and harmony.

Safe and Non-Toxic

Our products are 100 % free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates and always cruelty-free!

Eco-Friendly Beauty Ritual Tools. Face mask brush and ceramic mask mixing bowl
Complete Your Ritual With

Beauty Tools.

Artisan made, eco-chic accessories to complement your routine.


Relaxes while it cleans.The Calming Botanical Facial Gel Cleanser has lived up to the expectation. The scent of the natural herbs is calming. I feel at ease and relaxed after a hard days work. My face also looks fresh and a few years younger. 

Jacky B.

The Nutmeg Face Mask made my skin feel so soft and smooth.  The light, fresh scent made me feel like I was walking through a pine forest and placing it on my skin felt so relaxing. I could see a marked difference in how my skin looked after using it.

Anna Z.

The turmeric soap made my skin feel so refreshed without the dry feeling you usually get from other soaps.  It is so gentle I used it on my face as well. After just a few days of use, the blemishes I had on my skin began to fade.  I highly recommend this product.

Jessica L.
Zen+ Ether Skincare Essentials. Clear Consciousness Calming Botanical Cleanser and Plantable Seed Paper Product Box Packaging.


Everything you need for a relaxing beauty routine.

Calm in the Midst of Chaos

Beauty and wellness go hand in hand. Part of your physical and emotional well-being involves relaxation. Our mission is to help you create moments of relaxation in every little thing you do, even when your world seems chaotic and you have very little time. Discover how we help you make every day zen.

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Preserving our Natural Sources of Relaxation.

Clean, pure water and plants are the most natural sources of relaxation you could ever find. From tranquil blue oceans to lush green forests, nature has given us everything we need to find calmness and stay grounded. Find out how we take unique steps to preserve the Earth’s natural resources with every product we make.

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