Zen + Ether's Top Picks for Sustainable, Vegan Belt Bags

Our Top 5 Favorite Vegan Belt Bags

Belt Bags are the new “it” trend this season.  They’ve been popping up at high end department retailers and seen in popular designer lines from Michael Kors to Zimmerman.  But what is a Belt Bag anyway?

Simply put, a belt bag is a bag that is worn around your waist, hence the use of the word “belt” to describe the bag.  Think of it as a modernized fanny pack.  They certainly do not look like the fanny packs from the 80’s but the new belt bags are worn around the waist in a similar fashion and offer the same functionality as the original fanny packs.  Belt bags are just a lot more stylish and refined.

As a beauty brand that believes in eco-friendliness and sustainability, we were happy to find other brands with belt bag options that were more in line with those values. Thankfully, there are several sustainable, vegan options for the conscious consumer. 

Below we share our favorite vegan belt bags.

  1. Von Holzhausen Technik-Leather Belt Bag

Don’t let the name leather fool you.  Technik-Leather, the company’s signature material, is a 100% animal free and sustainable leather alternative that is described by Vogue as being “just as luxe and durable as the real thing.”  Their belt bag (which is also detachable and can be carried as a wallet) comes in three neutral colors.

 Von Holzhausen Vegan Belt Bag n Technik Leather

  1. The Hozen Belt Bag

Available in 8 different colors, this popular belt bag made our list because of it’s creativity and functionality.  These belt bags are circular in shape which makes them so adorable and chic.  The company offers custom belt sizing for these bags and we love that all the other hardware components of the bag are made from either recycled plastic or some other natural fiber.

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Model Rachel Muse wearing the Hozen Vegan Belt Bag in LimonThe Hozen Vegan Belt Bag in RoseateThe Hozen Vegan Belt Bag in Roseate
Image Credit: Hozen Collection


  1. HFS Collective Crossbody Belt Bag

We came across HFS and instantly fell in love.  HFS Collective is a hands-free bag company that makes bags from premium, sustainable material.  They also boast a large belt bag collection which isn’t surprising given that their whole philosophy centers around bags that you don’t need to carry by hand.  Our favorite belt bag from their collection is this cross-body version that you can wear in several ways.  This bag is made from Pinatex which is material made from pineapple leaves, a by-product of the pineapple industry.   

 HFS Collective Vegan Belt Bag made from Pinatex


  1. Nanushka Tao Belt Bag

This bag by brand Nanushka is an exclusive design for Net-a-Porter.  We love this bag not only because it is made from vegan leather but because it is large enough to fit several things without feeling like you’re missing a typical handbag.  We also love the simplicity in the fold over design, and the overall look is just exquisite.  This bag is available in black, beige and snake print for those who still love a good animal print but would prefer a vegan material.

 Nanushka Tao Vegan Belt Bag

Closeup of the Nanushka Tao Vegan Belt Bag

 Nanushka Tao Vegan Belt Bag
Image Credit: Net-a-Porter
  1. Melia Bianco Lara Convertible Belt Bag

If you’re looking for a great belt bag at an affordable cost, Melie Bianco has the perfect option for you.  They have a pretty significant belt bag collection, some of which have a more classic fanny pack look but in a more sophisticated way.  Our favorite belt bag from their collection is the Lara belt bag.  We love it because it is convertible so you can wear it across your body if you wish, it is just as large as your typical handbag (we can stash all our beauty stuff in it) and the price is just right.  This company uses Polyurethane (PU) to make their bags which is more animal friendly and also more responsible than using PVC plastic which has harmful effects on the environment.

Melia Bianco Vegan Belt Bag

Would you wear a belt bag? Yeah or Nay? Which one is your favorite? Sound off in the comments below.

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