Zen and Ether Signature Ceramic Face Mask Bowl Set

Signature Ceramic Face Mask Bowl Set

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Enjoy the ritual of mixing your face masks by using our ceramic face mask bowl set.  Our face mask bowl set is lovingly handcrafted by a local artisan using black clay and is finished using a non-toxic glaze that is also handmade by the artist. 

The bottom of the bowl and parts of the spoon handle are intentionally left unglazed and in its raw form to mimic coral as our own personal ode to the ocean.  The bowl comes hand stamped with our signature logo and is approximately 3" wide in diameter. 

The spoon is designed to fit one portion of face mask powder perfectly so you do not have to use any separate measuring utensils. It's the perfect companion to our Purifying Nutmeg Powder Face Mask!

To clean your mixing bowl and spoon simply rinse with warm water and let dry.

Due to its handmade nature each set will vary slightly.  No two sets look exactly alike which makes them that much more special.